CrossChem Terminal

Rail transportable bulk cargo handling and packaging terminal.

Since the first day of operation, in August 2016, we provided the highest level of service and full filled the most demanding customers requirements, what concerns the quality, preciosity, storage and transportation.

Terminal output
- 50 tones per hour - for bulk discharge from railway cars to storage bunkers and/or road transport.
- 30 tones per hour - for bulk discharge from railway cars and packing in to 500 and 1000kg packages – BigBags.

Terminal provides
- Fertilizers, grain, wood material handling, packaging, storage and loading for further transportation.
- Discharging of the rail way cars in the covered and closed warehouse, what minimize the environmental risks of contamination for handled materials.
- Receiving and storage till 50 rail way cars on private rail tracks.
- Customs clearance, brokerage and document processing services.
- Storage services for packed material up to <25,000 tones.
- 24/7 professional physical security service.
- 24/7 surveillance video with the ability for the client to get remote access to it, for period of handling client’s material.
- Handling and storage for sea containers.
- Truck weight services.

Contact information

Riga office
A | Maskavas 450A, Riga
T | +371 67491030
M | +371 26624000
@ |

Olaine terminal
A | "Naftaluka", Olaine
Genaral manager - Aldis Pirtnieks
M | +371 28698120
@ |


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CrossChem SIA

Maskavas st. 450A, Riga,
LV-1063, Latvia
Phone.: +371 67 49 10 30
Fax: +371 67 49 10 29